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Easy Grilled Chicken

Such a favourite dish to make any time. You can make grilled chicken using fresh ginger to give it a little kick to make your own marinate, leaving your chicken in the marinade overnight or for a few hours. Serve it with some grilled vegetables or slice it up to place over a bed of noodles, or add it to your quinoa salad. The choices are endless.

Tips for Frying Chicken

➡️ If you want to keep your chicken moist when grilling, you can simply brine your chicken with a salt-water solution before grilling. This helps to prevent the chicken from overcooking on the grill.

➡️ Let your chicken thaw before grilling. Putting cold chicken on the grill straight from the fridge can cook your chicken unevenly, becoming dry and overlooked on the outside.

➡️ Using salt on your chicken to coat the surface of the chicken before you cook helps seal in the moisture.

If you want to try something new, head on over to our recipe section.

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