Our lamb is available in various cuts, such as leg, shoulder, loin, rack, and shank. Each cut has its unique flavour and texture, allowing you to create a diverse range of dishes. The meat can be roasted, grilled, stewed, or even used in curries or kebabs.


Pork is a versatile meat that provides a range of options for consumers and for businesses in the food industry. We supply to both consumers and wholesale. We have a range of pork options available to satisfy a variety of preferences and tastes, such as pork belly, pork cutlets, pork ribs, pork fillets, pork midlion chops and much more. 


Our chicken main supplier is La Ionica and our free-range is Bannockburn Chicken. La Ionica free-range chickens contain no chemicals, no hormones and no steroids. They are grown and processed locally in Victoria meaning you get the freshest free-range chicken available. 

We order direct from the abattoirs, meaning the free-range chicken that was processed today, gets delivered to us in the night. Our chicken boners break down all the whole chicken into pieces ready to sell in the morning.

Unlike supermarkets, we do not use preservatives, chemicals, gassing, additional vacuum packing. Our chicken is guaranteed fresh.

Free-range chicken is better for your health and contains more protein.


We have a range of deli options to suit your requirements. Whether it’s gathering a few items or you have a party or celebration.


Fresh Luv a Duck have a range of fresh whole ducks, breast, Maryland, wings, feet. The fresh quail that we stock is from a family run business in Yarra Valley Golden Quails.

Our rabbits and hares are supplied by Jean and Mark Shelton. They are wild-caught and shot from the border of NSW and VIC. We also stock all the rabbit pieces – whole, front, back legs and fillets.


We source high-quality sausages and are a licensed Meat Standards Australia (MSA) facility. This program ensures that all beef and sheep meat products are quality-graded cuts, meeting their tenderness, juiciness and flavour standards.