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We’ve listed below for you some tips and tricks to help you make your homemade chicken a success.

➡️ Tip 1 – Marinade: To get some good flavour into your chicken, the chicken needs to marinate for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you want maximum flavour, allow your chicken to marinate for up to 6 hours.

➡️ Tip 2 – Resting: Allow your chicken to rest after it has been cooked. Letting all the natural juice soak back into the meat instead of left on the baking sheet. Keep all that flavour in.

➡️ Tip 3 – Beer Brine: Soaking chicken in a beer brine for a few hours will allow your chicken to become juicy and tender. Along with that, it will give your chicken a heap of flavour.

➡️ Tip 4 – Sautéed Chicken: If you’re looking for an even sautéed chicken, set a foil-covered brick on top of the meat. Having the weight of the brick will help to sear the chicken evenly.

➡️ Tip 5 – Thermometer: Rather than cutting into the chicken to see if the meat is cooked, use a food thermometer instead.

If you want to try something new, head on over to our recipe section.

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