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Prepare And Marinate Chicken

Depending on the type of chicken that you’re wanting to marinate, you can use any cut of chicken such as thighs, drumsticks, chicken breasts or wings.

Firstly you want some large zip lock bags (1 litre), a marker for labelling, and large bowls for each of the bags to stand in.

  1. Prepare the marinade.
  2. Label your bag before you start filling it up. It’s much easier to write on a flat bag.
  3. Position your freezer bag in the bowl. This makes it easier to pour your marinade and add your chicken.
  4. Gently squish the bag so that your marinade is evenly dispersed around the chicken.
  5. Expel as much air as possible from the bag. This helps to keep it sealed.
  6. Once completed, refrigerate immediately.

How long can you marinate chicken in the fridge?

For the best flavour, you should marinate your chicken for at least 2 hours. You can marinate the chicken for up to 24 hours though any more than 24 hours can sometimes leave an unpleasant change in the texture of the chicken meat.

If you want to try something new, head on over to our recipe section.

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