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Cooking Chicken Temperature

It can be confusing knowing what temperature to cook your chicken. The last thing you want to experience is eating undercooked chicken which can lead to salmonella (food poisoning).

When it comes to cooking chicken properly, the one thing to always remember is to cook chicken thoroughly, all the way through. When it comes to other meats, chicken requires that the temperature reaches a certain level and all internal and external parts of the chicken reach the right temperature of 75°C.

We’ve provided some simple food-safety guidelines below. Use these methods for BBQ chicken, poached, roasted and any other cooking method.

  1. Use a meat thermometer: This is considered the most reliable method. Insert the thermometer at the centre of the thickest part of the piece being cooked. When the temperature has reached 75°C, the meat is fully cooked.
  2. Using a skewer: If you don’t have a thermometer, pierce the thickest part of the chicken and pull out the skewer. If you see the juice coming out is pink then it’s not cooked. If the juice is clear, your chicken is cooked.
  3. Cutting the meat: Take your chicken and cut the meat to check if it’s white, not pink.

If you want to try something new, head on over to our recipe section.

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