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We’ve listed below for you some tips and tricks to help you make your homemade chicken a success.

➡️ Tip 1 – Slow Cooker: If you’re going to cook chicken in a slow cooker, make sure that you have enough space. Not having enough room can dry out the meat. You don’t want dry meat!

➡️ Tip 2 – Even Cuts: When you’re slicing chicken, don’t slice with the grain, slice against the grain.

➡️ Tip 3 – Storing Chicken: When freezing chicken, pour some of your favourite marinade into the bag. When your chicken freezes, the marinade will soak into the meat, giving it even more flavour.

➡️ Tip 4 – Shredding Chicken: Instead of using a fork to shred cooked chicken, get the job done quicker by using a food mixer.

➡️ Tip 5 – Don’t Rinse Chicken: Rising chicken before your cooking is not the best idea. This can cause bacteria and germs to be splashed in your kitchen.

If you want to try something new, head on over to our recipe section.

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