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We know that chicken breasts are in your regular cooking rotation. Why shouldn’t it be? It’s easy to make, versatile, and cooks quickly. Whilst these aspects are blissful when it comes to making chicken, you want to make sure that you’re not serving chicken that is un-seasoned or, worst of all, dry or overcooked.

Refresh your chicken skills and keep reading below for some common mistakes to avoid.

➡️ Tip 1 – Slicing Your Chicken Too Soon: When it comes to chicken, it needs to rest. If you’re cutting your chicken breasts the moment that it comes off the grill or pan, you’re going to lose the flavourful juices that come from the chicken. Wait five minutes before your start cutting into your chicken. By doing this, you’re allowing the juices to stay inside the chicken rather than outside, helping the chicken retain its flavour and moisture.

➡️ Tip 2 – Drying Chicken: When you’re buying chicken breast that’s packaged, you’ll probably notice that there is a fat pad underneath for soaking up the juice from the chicken breasts. When you open it, it’s usually wet. All the excess liquid may cause it to steam rather than brown. Grabbing a paper tool and wiping the excess, then brushing it with oil, will help to add your favourite seasoning.

➡️ Tip 3 – Tough Chicken: If you’ve had chicken come out tough, it may be because you forgot to pound your chicken. Pounding chicken helps to tenderise the meat, making it not just enjoyable to eat but it softens the tissue, leaving it more juicy and tender.

If you want to try something new, head on over to our recipe section.

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