Roasted Turkey Legs

Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey Legs

Thanksgiving Day is around the corner, and you must have worried about what to cook? If you are planning a small Thanksgiving gathering, Roasted Turkey Legs can be perfect for you and your guest.

Roasted Turkey Recipe

4 Serving

70 Minutes

213 Calories


  • 4 bone-in skin-on medium turkey drumsticks
  • Avocado oil spray
  • 1/4 unsalted melted butter
  • Seasoning Mix: 1 teaspoon sea salt, 1/4 tsp black pepper, 1 tsp garlic powder, 1 tsp dried thyme, 1 tsp paprika.


  • Step 1: Pat the turkey legs with paper towels to make them dry. Brush them with melted butter and sprinkle the seasoning mix, press well to make it comply with the legs.
  • Step 2: Line the baking sheet first with foil for easy cleanup. Place the turkey pieces on a greased rack fitted into a rimmed baking sheet. Spray them with avocado oil which helps keep the spices and herbs moist, preventing them from burning in the hot oven.
  • Step 3: Roast the turkey uncovered for 20 minutes in a preheated 232 °C oven until the skin is browned.
  • Step 4: Now cover the turkey pieces loosely with foil and keep roasting them until they reach an internal temperature of 73 °C. This should take about 30 more minutes for medium drumsticks. Don’t uncover the foil for 10 minutes. Serve with any side dish like roasted pumpkin or roasted mini peppers.