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5 Best Herbs

We all know that chicken is a great source of protein. Try these herbs below to enhance your next chicken dish.

1. Basil
Basil is a perfect herb to use in many chicken dishes. It has a slightly peppery mint flavour which pairs well with chicken. Used in Italian and Greek dishes, you will find that basil is used both fresh and dried. Speaking of pairs, basil goes well with mint or marjoram.

2. Oregano
Used widely, dried oregano is related to the mint. This aromatic herb is commonly used in chicken dishes. When it comes to pairing, mint goes well along with basil. For a simple marinade, you can pair oregano with some lemon juice, crushed garlic and olive oil.

3. Rosemary
When it comes to chicken, using rosemary is a perfect collaboration. Whether fresh or dried rosemary, it will complement your chicken dish. Place a couple of sprigs inside your chicken to create a woodsy flavour. If you’re using dried rosemary, sprinkle it on top of your chicken. Rosemary pairs well with thyme, sage or oregano.

4. Thyme
Thyme’s flavour profile is a delicate herb to add to your chicken dish. Not as aromatic as other herbs, it’s still strong enough to play with other herbs. Dried thyme is paired well with rosemary or oregano, whereas fresh thyme is great with parsley or basil.

5. Tarragon
This herb has a very aromatic aroma when it’s fresh. With a slightly sweet taste, it can enhance whatever dish you’re making. Pairing tarragon works well with basil, dill or chives.

If you want to try something new, head on over to our recipe section.

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