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We spend time picking out our fruit and vegetables, so choosing good pieces of meat is the same. With an abundance of cuts to choose from, it can be difficult to select the right meat. From choosing the right cut to what recipe to make it with, here are our five tips for buying meat at your local butcher.

➡️ Tip 1: Meet Your Local Butcher
Your local butcher really does know what is best when it comes to cuts of meat. From trimming the excess fat to removing bones, a butcher is there to guide and help you with what cooking methods are best for different cuts of meat to how to prepare them.

➡️ Tip 2: Planning To Cook
How are you planning to cook? Make sure you pick the right piece of meat to match your cooking method. Are you cooking low and slow or fast or hot on a BBQ grill? Unsure? Ask your friendly butcher what cooking methods you intend to use so that they know how to help with selecting the right cut of meat for what you’re preparing.

➡️ Tip 3: More is better than less
Having more rather than less is better. It’s better to over-cater than under-cater. Portion control can be tricky at times. Some cuts of meat can lose a percentage of weight once they’re cooked, so it can be hard to calculate what you need. Buying a little bit extra can make up for losses during cooking or when trimming the meat. You can always ask your butcher to pre-cut the meat into equal portions per person though there is nothing wrong with leftovers!

If you want to try something new, head on over to our recipe section.

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