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5 Herbs To Use For Grilled Chicken

When it comes to grilling chicken working out what herbs to use is key. We’ve listed a number of herbs below that go well with chicken.

This herb is ideal to use when cooking chicken over a wood fire. It can also be used for charcoal grilling as well. If you’re cooking a whole chicken, place a couple of sprigs in the cavity of the bird or you can sprinkle a dash of crushed flakes over the top of some individual chicken breast pieces. Since rosemary has a strong flavour profile, use it sparingly so that you don’t overpower the chicken.

Often used in soups or in dressings, sage is still a natural accompaniment for any type of chicken dish. You can use sage by stuffing it into the cavity of the chicken before you place it on the grill. You can also use sage as a rub or marinade. As sage has a strong flavour profile, use sparingly so that you don’t overpower the chicken.

Part of the mint family, oregano has a mild flavour and it doesn’t leave an unusual aftertaste. This herb is mainly used in Italian and Greek dishes, mix oregano with some salt, pepper and lemon juice into a bowl and baste this over your chicken so as to remain moist.

One of the popular Mediterranean herbs, this chicken favourite has a delicious flavour and aroma. For grilling, thyme is used as a rub along with some other spices such as garlic, salt and pepper. Adding thyme to a spicy marinade can also help bring out the flavour.

Whilst we think of garlic as a vegetable it’s nonetheless a herb that is both versatile and flavoursome. You can use garlic with many spices or create your own rub. Add it to sauces and marinades to turn up the flavour.

If you want to try something new, head on over to our recipe section.

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